Making Mordhau into an Esport (Part 2)

Team Objective Modes TO was the bread and butter of Chivalry. Epic 16v16 sieges with catapults, burned granaries, and peasant-slaughtering felt incredible. 16v16 may not be feasible for competitive ladders where 5v5 or 6v6 allows individuals to play a larger role, but none of that is stopping 6v6 modes from having TO in addition to … More Making Mordhau into an Esport (Part 2)

The Importance of Matchmaking and Game Longevity

Online multiplayer games have captivated the gaming industry and taken many genres to new and exciting heights – including esports. However, as with any new major development, online multiplayer gaming also brings its own set of challenges. How do you bring the right players together at the right time? How do you preserve the system … More The Importance of Matchmaking and Game Longevity

Overwatch: 15 Ultimate Ability Fun Facts

Much of Overwatch’s lasting appeal comes from the wide array of battle-changing ultimate abilities. Below is a list of fun facts and niche interactions between each character’s ult and other abilities/situations in the game. Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn something new from this list. GLHF! Junkrat’s Riptire will do 600 damage when it explodes … More Overwatch: 15 Ultimate Ability Fun Facts

A Dialogue on Design Choices

“Randomness is required.” Crowds flock to the Mission Bakery Cafe, eager to dine on toasted bagels, bananas, and coffee. Students pour through the double doors of the Benson building, the massive throng propelled in every possible direction. Individuals weave between lines, struggling to fit between cramped spaces as their heavy backpacks protrude and obstruct their … More A Dialogue on Design Choices

Korean Dominance in Esports

Tournament after tournament, across popular games like Starcraft, League of Legends, and Street Fighter Korean teams continue to dominate at almost every level of competition. Whether they’re playing for tournament prizes or aiming to win playoffs and demonstrate steady records during regular seasons, South Korean esports players push the boundaries of skill in gaming. Shooting … More Korean Dominance in Esports

What is Skill? The Importance of Strategy, Tactics, and Execution

What is skill? How do you become more skilled? Should you practice endlessly? Or should you read up on the activity instead? Should you watch and learn from the pros? Developing a new skill is a long and sometimes arduous road. Reaching plateaus, crossing over those plateaus, and constantly practicing to reach a consistent level … More What is Skill? The Importance of Strategy, Tactics, and Execution