Making Mordhau into an Esport

Esports come and go as years pass. While some staple genres stick around, such as shooting games and strategy games, most will eventually collapse at the hands of a new up-and-coming title with promising mechanics (like Mordhau!). For some of you, it might not matter whether or not Mordhau becomes an esport. After all, esports … More Making Mordhau into an Esport

Crackin’ Skulls with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Releasing a low, guttural growl, I charge down the cracked, parched hillside towards the mill. My two-handed greatsword leads the way as arrows and crossbow bolts slap against the burning tree trunks around me. An ironclad knight approaches and I swipe my blade downward in a vertical slash, lopping off the poor bastard’s arm. With … More Crackin’ Skulls with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare