Making Mordhau into an Esport

Esports come and go as years pass. While some staple genres stick around, such as shooting games and strategy games, most will eventually collapse at the hands of a new up-and-coming title with promising mechanics (like Mordhau!). For some of you, it might not matter whether or not Mordhau becomes an esport. After all, esports … More Making Mordhau into an Esport

Korean Dominance in Esports

Tournament after tournament, across popular games like Starcraft, League of Legends, and Street Fighter Korean teams continue to dominate at almost every level of competition. Whether they’re playing for tournament prizes or aiming to win playoffs and demonstrate steady records during regular seasons, South Korean esports players push the boundaries of skill in gaming. Shooting … More Korean Dominance in Esports

Are Mods and Addons Fair? (Part 2)

Although modding increases a game’s community lifespan, drives sales for its developers, and provides extra content for users, it can cause significant problems in multiplayer games. As mentioned in my last post on mods and addons, Skyrim is a single player role-playing game in which the player interacts only with AI-controlled non-player characters, so mods … More Are Mods and Addons Fair? (Part 2)